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John Stern

John Stern
Vergennes, VT

The best recruiting management solution I have used!

I am a CIO for a privately held growth company headquartered in Northern Vermont, four hours from the nearest major metropolitan area (other than Burlington). This is a wonderful location to live and work, but an extremely difficult and costly place to bring people for a face-to-face interview. We need to make sure all the pieces are going to fit before we extend that invitation, and Recruiting-Nation really helps by enabling communication with our candidates on a level that is not possible without this system. Top-notch!

Eric Clark

Eric Clark
Mason, Ohio

This is the way recruiting solutions should work!

I appreciate that Recruiting-Nation brings all the pieces together in one place - it makes it easy and fast to go through the search and selection process. No other solution I have seen does that. And, their innovative use of video with vCoverLetter and vInterview helps the candidates and us get to know each other better and faster than anything else I've tried. 

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  • Integrated Job Board
  • Brand/Profile Builder
  • Pre-record Video Interviews
  • Resume Builder (for JobSeekers)
  • Team Management/ Workflow (for Companies)
  • Powerful Search
  • Global Reach
  • And much more!

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